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Beyoncé Spends Day at Beach, Casually Hints She's Pregnant

Illustration for article titled Beyoncé Spends Day at Beach, Casually Hints Shes Pregnant

A day at the beach with Queen Bey is never just that: 24-karat belly chains, Blue Ivy, and private yachts are not accessories most of us plebs schlep along in our straw totes from Target.


Take a deep breath, though, because it's possible that Mrs. Carter just unveiled the holy grail of all oceanside accompaniments:


... could it be?

Of course, Beyoncé has a history of dropping bombs the way no one else can, and it's highly possible she's just fucking with us, because she can and we'll worship at her altar, anyway. Or, maybe she's just having fun taking silly photos and making baby bump and pregnancy boob shapes in the sand, the way humans sometimes do.

Images via Getty and Instagram

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If we are to infer that she is pregnant from this photo, we must also infer that she had her left breast removed too.