In what would have otherwise been a schmaltzy explosion of pedestrian melodic sentiment and electric Lisa Frank-esque blobs, Our Lady Bey rendered the Super Bowl Halftime Show a religious experience. That is, if you ignored most everything that preceded her arrival.

But maybe that’s a bit harsh. After all, Taraji Henson was jazzed to see Coldplay take the stage, though she confused them with another band of excessively emoting white boys: Maroon 5.

All the same, Beyoncé’s entrance—a choreographed strut across the turf in heels—had viewers reaching for their smelling salts.



Celebrating blackness with what Jamilah King from Mic describes as a “Black Panther-themed performance,” Beyoncé conquered the field with with “her crew of black female performers [donning] black berets and leather body suits.”

And the lyrics of “Formation” rang loud and clear.


The release of “Formation” and her half-time show appearance are accompanied by the announcement of the Formation tour. You can start planning Spring 2016 accordingly.

And then maybe you’d like to relive tonight’s biblical experience several more times? Go ahead:

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