Beyoncé Might Join The Wiz

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NBC’s live musical The Wiz is reportedly looking to cast Beyoncé in the role of Glinda the Good Witch.

The cast is already shaping up to be epic, with Mary J. Blige on board to play the Wicked Witch of the West and Queen Latifah as the Wizard. The Wiz has also been holding auditions across the country for the role of Dorothy.

Beyoncé’s inclusion would obviously send the production over the top and lock in viewership. Uzo Aduba’s name is rumored to be in the mix for a role, as well.


The original Wiz featured Diana Ross and Michael Jackson, so all of these people need to bring it. We can make this happen, if we believe.

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Little Green Frog

Have Janelle Monáe be Dorothy or I won’t be happy (and you must make me happy).