Beyoncé MIGHT Have a New Surprise Album On the Way

Beyoncé may have planned to surprise you with another album and Twitter ruined it. Maybe. In these heady days of Internet photoshop trickery and confusion—Are Kylie Jenner's lips real? Is there actually a three-breasted woman?—social media could be playing the sweetest, most melodious of tricks on us with a new, seemingly real tracklist for Beyoncé Volume 2, a follow-up to her surprise release last December.


This Parkwood Entertainment and Columbia Records release confirmation one-sheet that hit Twitter on Saturday, Nov. 1 could also be Christmas come early. Who knows?


What we do know is that this if this tracklist is indeed real, Nicki Minaj, Justin Timberlake (who helped Bey and Timbaland pen "Blow") and Rihanna join Blue Ivy's mom for the second installment of her self-titled album. There will be more videos, which makes me, the person who watched "No Angel" 50-11 times last month while visiting Texas, very happy.

Beyoncé's camp had no comment on the leak at press time—but why would they?

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Image via Instagram.

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