Beyoncé Isn’t Actually Feuding with Kim Kardashian

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The celebrity feud rumor mill has apparently churned out a certifiable lump of crap — Beyoncé totally did not snub Kim Kardashian because Kim Kardashian never impertinently approached Ron Howard to demand that he cast her in one of his movies. Or maybe, this latest news of conviviality is the crap rumor and Beyoncé hates Kim, like this
much. Or maybe we're all in Ron Howard's movie about how a talentless reality TV star connives and networks her way to an Academy Award, causing Glenn Close to go on an "I will not be ignored" rampage on the Sunset Strip.


At any rate, a source close to the concerned parties (not Glenn Close — it's really a shame she got dragged into this) said that, not only didn't Kim's Ron Howard confrontation never happen, but, "Beyonce and Kim have gotten along perfectly since the very first day that they met. They have no reason to not get along. The person who came up with this story has a very wild imagination." Well, Source, I have a vivid imagination and I believe that maybe you are actually a devious lizard person spreading lies about celebrities. What say you to that, hmm?

Beyonce Did Not Accuse Kim Kardashian Of Trying To Steal Limelight From Jay-Z (Update) [HuffPo]


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