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Beyoncé Debuts Apocalyptic New Video Just In Time For The Rapture

The much-anticipated music video for "Run The World (Girls)" finally made its debut today and the "end times" feel is appropriately (if not suspiciously) timed with Saturday's supposed Rapture. Sure, it has a bit of a Michael Jackson vibe, but isn't it reassuring to know that if the world goes to hell this weekend, it will be us ladies who are left in charge?


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Will anyone help me analyze whether this video is feminist? I tried to think about whether it still caters to the male gaze, etc. but I've never really studied gender and I'm not sure what to make of it. What is the significance of women "running the world" while sometimes scantily clad and sometimes crawling on the floor? What was with the salute at the end of the video? I didn't understand that either. If this is about women running the world, why are they seemingly saluting the men?

wiser jezzies.. help?