Beyoncé Dancer Can Have It All, Gets Proposed To In Concert

Choreographer Ashley Everett has already done what many of us have fantasized about most of our lives—danced behind Beyoncé in concert. Then on Saturday in St. Louis, in the midst of performing the famous moves from Single Ladies, Beyoncé stopped the show just so she could introduce the best viral proposal video of all time.


Backup dancer John Silver came out to ask his girlfriend to become his wife, and yes, he put a ring on it. St. Louis is Silver’s home town and he wanted to do something special there. It was!


Silver hugs Beyoncé almost as much as his new fiancée, and I completely understand that. They both tease Everett about whether or not she can jump back into the choreography after such an emotional upheaval. You bet your ass she does.

The dream: hugging Beyoncé immediately after hugging the person you love most in your life.

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Masshole James, Unstable Genius

I’m happy for her that she’s no longer a single lady. They seem so crazy in love, almost drunk in love. He can clearly see how irreplaceable she is & he’s a sexy lil’ thug, so I’m sure they’ll be together until the end of time. What a flawless couple!