Beyoncé Covered Whitney Houston at a Fundraiser and it Was Just as Perfect as You'd Think

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Beyoncé and Jay Z’s daughter Blue Ivy may or may not be enrolled at the Center for Early Education in Lost Angeles, but if she is, Queen Bey might have become the most ultimate PTA mom ever.


The iconic singer took to the stage at the school’s 75th Anniversary Gala on March 5 to cover a ballad made famous by another diva: Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.” (The song itself was originally sung by Dolly Parton.)

Will Ferrell and Billy Crystal also hosted the event.

If this isn’t Hollywood dripped in Hollywood, I don’t know what is. [E! News]

Matisyahu was not having it with a fan who wanted to get in on some selfie action with the star.


While performing the song “One Day” at the Wiltshire in Los Angeles on Wednesday, a female concert-goer decided, like most people, that being on stage with a famous rapper and reggae star was a good time for a photo op. Turned out it was really a shonde, as we Hebrews say: when she began to pose for a selfie, Matisyahu intercepted the phone with a quick swipe without interrupting his performance.


You’d think that the hug he gave her after the incident would’ve been a small consolation, or at least a hint, but apparently not. The fan tried again to no avail: the singer seamlessly snatched the phone back again and pocketed it. Smooth move, Ferguson.

But let’s be honest, if Matisyahu really wants to learn how to get his point across and shut it down, he should take a cue from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. [TMZ.]

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I prefer to think of it more as Beyoncé covering Dolly Parton, who wrote it in 1973 and recorded it first.