Beyoncé Chose Her Mom Over Coachella, Which Seems Like the Right Call

We all know Beyoncé is pregnant with twins, we all know she canceled her Coachella appearance because of her pregnancy, we all know Coachella is an outer circle of hell, and we all know Ms. Tina seems like one of the most delightful people on the planet. So, it’s perfectly understandable that Beyoncé would spend Easter with her (presumably in Houston, though it’s not entirely clear based on the photos) as opposed to staying in some impossibly large Airbnb a few miles away from the absurdist fashion show that is Coachella.

This isn’t celebrity news, per se, but rather an opportunity to look at photos Tina Lawson uploaded to Instagram. (You know we love her here.) There’s the one above, which contains a caption that makes no sense until you realize she is counting herself as one of her four girls.


Then there’s this one, of Tina wishing everyone a happy Easter. (It made me want to go to church.)

Here’s a repost of Kelly Rowland’s Instagram video, in which Tina shares her love of candy. (Another reason to choose her over Coachella.)


And then there’s this, which speaks for itself:


A thing the tabloids are very into lately is making Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s divorce appear to be more intriguing and dramatic than it actually is. In the past few days, People interviewed an attorney about how they are using some legal loopholes to make the documents private (of course they are) and TMZ wrote about how Ben is finally moving out of the family guesthouse (of course he is.)


So imagine my surprise when I read a detail about their split that actually caught my attention. TMZ writes that Affleck is “now dating someone, though ‘not seriously.’”

Let the speculation begin.


“Thank you Russell, but this is blasphemy. Also tell Ciara hi.” - Jesus Christ


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I think that means one of the the twins is a girl?