Betty White's Life, By The Numbers

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America loves Betty White — and this chart clearly explains how and when your love affair began with the actress along her lengthy career. (Can all agree that if America had to pick one woman to be our collective Grandmother, it would be Betty?) It's interesting to see the 89-year-old's career highlights spread out over a timeline because though she's been a working actress for most of her life, her career has become arguably even more successful in the recent few years.

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From Golden Girls to The Mary Tyler Moore Show to even Hot In Cleveland: when you look at her entire life's work, you can see exactly how and why she's been nominated for over 50 awards in her lifetime. The only question that arises from the infographic is why, exactly, it was made by the Assisted Living Homes Association? I like what you did here, but that's kind of morbid, dudes!


[Assisted Living Homes via HyperVocal]

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My favorite Betty White/Golden Girls fun fact is that Betty & Rue were originally slated to play each others' roles. That is, production wanted Betty for Blanche Devereaux & Rue for Rose Nylund. It was Rue, however, that felt that Rose was too close to the scatter-brained character she played on Maude, & Betty felt the same about the similarities between Blanche & her man-hungry character on Mary Tyler Moore. Wanting to stretch their acting chops, they insisted on a switch. The rest is history.