Betty White To Host Mother's Day Special With Other SNL Ladies

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It's official: Betty White will host Saturday Night Live, joined by female alums of the show like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler in an episode now pegged to Mother's Day.

White isn't a mom (though USA Today says she counts her golden retriever) but some of those women are. It appears plans have been revised slightly from the April Women Of Comedy special Lorne Michaels and Seth Meyers told us about.


White's comments to USA Today shed some light on why she was initially reluctant to agree:

"Years ago, I turned it down three times," White says. "It's so New York, and I'm not New York at all. "But my agent said he'd divorce me if I didn't do it, and I love my agent." (That agent, Jeff Witjas, says he was only joking, but "it's perfect timing for her career right now. I said, 'Do it now, or when you're 95.' ")

And it's not because she was worried about the long hours and late nights involved with putting together such a show, though that's why Michaels says he called in reinforcements. She says,

"I've got so much energy, it's ridiculous. I love working. My schedule is a feverish one, and I'm used to that."


Both Michaels and White give credit to the Facebook campaign for clinching the deal. Next cause: Gabby Sidibe as host?

Live, From New York, It's ... Betty White Hosting 'SNL' [USAT]

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I still don't get why she couldn't just host the show. I mean, Britney Spears has hosted. Dane Cook has hosted. Is Lorne Michaels really convinced that Betty White is less capable?

The scene in The Proposal where Betty manhandles Sandra Bullocks boobs is funnier than anything Fred Armisen has ever done. And I'm not even hating on Armisen. But come on. It's Betty White. The lady can carry a show.