Better Ratings Follow Megyn Kelly's Departure From Today

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Now that the sometimes nauseating sometimes stupefying fever dream that was Megyn Kelly hosting the 9 a.m. hour of the Today show has come to an end, it’s possible NBC can breath a sigh of relief knowing ratings have since gone up.


Deadline reports that since Megyn Kelly Today was canceled on October 26—following Kelly’s characteristic questioning of whether blackface is bad—viewership has consistently gone up in the “key demographic favored by advertisers in that time period,” Variety reported. Nielsen estimates an improvement of about 10 percent. Deadline concludes that “viewers are liking…a return to the more traditional Today format, helmed by a stable of Today show talent, most often including Craig Melvin, Jenna Bush Hager, and Al Roker.”

The fourth hour of Today, hosted by Hota Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford, has also reportedly received more positive ratings since Kelly’s departure.

According to Variety, executives at competing networks are wondering whether these numbers represent stable growth or are merely precipitated by a moment of crisis and change, as most ratings boosts are.

So perhaps Kelly did, in the end, get the ratings she was hoping for.


I think Juliette Lewis speaks for us all….

This doll costs more than $1100 and doesn’t even resemble Idris Elba. It is, however, a classic cursed image.



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Cherith Cutestory

The kind of white women NBC was courting with Kelly’s hire only wants to be racist in private or in the voting booth. They don’t want it reflected back to them. It’s why they get pissed when caught on camera and why they rejected Megyn Kelly.