Better Heart Health Means Better Dick Health

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A recent study may have men reaching for some delicious kale — it turns out that improving heart health may improve erectile function as well.

CNN/ reports that the connection between heart and dick may not be well-publicized, but it's there: "The arteries in the penis that expand during an erection can become weakened and clogged with cholesterol in the same way as the arteries that surround the heart." This sounds pretty upsetting, but there's hope — in a review of recent research, scientists found that lifestyle changes to reduce heart attack risk also improved erectile function. The effects were modest, but the study authors say that even small changes would make a difference to men who struggled with occasional ED.

Urologist Dr. Kevin Billups told that the link between heart health and ED "hasn't become the public health message that it should be," and explained that "doctors and other experts need to do a better of job of informing the public that a healthier heart often means better erections." So here's our public service announcement for the day, dudes: eat vegetables and get some exercise! Your dick will thank you.


Targeting Heart Health May Improve Sex Life, Too [CNN/]

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I saw this same point made on a good-yet-overly-pedantic documentary called "Forks Over Knives," about the benefits of rejecting meat and eating a plant-based diet.

The basic idea, which makes a lot of sense, is that your ability to "get it up" is a surprisingly good measure of overall vascular health. If your heart is already laboring to pump blood through your Krispy Kreme-filled arteries, sometimes it just doesn't have the extra oomph to do much else.

Seriously, this could be one of the rare health campaigns aimed at men which could actually work.

Healthy Eating: Make Your Dick Work Again!