Bette Midler Tells Kim Kardashian, 'I Never Tried to Fake Friend You'

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Bette Midler and Kim Kardashian’s Twitter feud—presumably a tribute to International Women’s Day—continues, with Bette informing Kim that, contrary to what she was accused of earlier, she never ever tried to be Kim’s “fake friend.” Whether that means she tried to be her REAL friend or never tried to be her friend at all is open to interpretation.

Late last night, as you might recall, Kim tweeted the following after Midler made a crack about her posting a censored nude photo on Instagram:

Today, Bette hit back with this:

Hear hear to good celebrity blood sport!

Counterpoint, Bette: Not only can she take a joke, she can post them on Twitter.

Mariah Carey still doesn’t know Jennifer Lopez and I still love this feud.

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