Beto O'Rourke Promises to Stop Saying 'Fuck' After Some Narc Badgers Him About It

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Beto O’Rourke—questionable punk and 2020 presidential candidate—has already made a campaign promise that he probably won’t keep: He vowed to stop saying “fuck” so much, all thanks to a supporter with virgin ears.


CNN’s DJ Judd tweeted about an encounter between O’Rourke and an unidentified voter at a meet and greet in Madison, Wisconsin. Not unlike that one aunt of yours who only communicates with you by replying to your Facebook posts, this voter was incredibly upset that O’Rourke keeps saying the F-word in public:

Voter: Can you promise during your campaign not to use the F word, particularly in front of kids like last weekend? We already have one vulgar in chief, do we need to replace him with another? It’s very offensive to hear that [inaudible] should we support that?

O’Rourke: No, we should not support that.

Voter: When you lost last November, you used the F word. It was a big splash. You had bleeped remarks. And now at your Texas event last week you used the F word in front of your own kids. Come on, Beto, clean up your language. Honestly.

O’Rourke: Yeah, no. Great point. And I don’t intend to use the F word going forward. Thank you.

Voter: You don’t intend to, but you can do it, so don’t do it.

O’Rourke: Okay, thank you. Yes. Point taken. And very strongly made, so I appreciate it

Thankfully, this pearl clutcher didn’t appear to have read this month’s Vanity Fair cover story on O’Rourke, which includes this charming anecdote:

“Motherfuckers!” [O’Rourke] says after darting into a busy intersection while ferrying the brood home from school that day. Then he catches himself: “Sorry, kids.”

I don’t know what this voter’s damage is, but O’Rourke dropping F-bombs is a a lot less alarming than the fact that the man doesn’t have an opinion on Brexit. If anything, O’Rourke should be compelled to curse more now that he’s launched himself head first into this hellhole of an election season.

O’Rourke: Don’t listen to this voter. “Fuck” to your heart’s content.

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Fuck that shit.

I have a serious potty mouth. I curtailed it when my kids were young. I knew I was doing a pretty good job when we were stuck in traffic one time and my then 6 or 7 year old piped up from the back seat “People! C’mon!” instead of “Motherfuckers”.

However, once they hit a certain age, I returned to my old ways. When one of my sons was about 15, he said messed something up and said “shit” in front of my husband. My husband said something about not cussing and my kid, deadpan, looks his father in the eye and says “Do you know who you’re married to?”