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Bethenny Frankel's Post-RHONY Plans: Making New Shows That May or May Not Be About Bethenny Frankel

Illustration for article titled Bethenny Frankels Post-iRHONY/i Plans: Making New Shows That May or May Not Be About Bethenny Frankel
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Bethenny Frankel is OUT at RHONY and IN at MGM, where she has entered into a production partnership with Mark Burnett and will reportedly produce a slate of “female-centric” television shows. One of these shows is a “soft-scripted” show about a group of “hilarious women,” which sounds a little like a show Frankel just left, right? Who will Frankel cast as the Bethenny Frankel on the Bethenny Frankel RHONY? RHONY—who needs you? Not Bethenny Frankel! (Sorry, Andy).


Variety reports that Frankel dug into her new MGM deal on the Emmy purple carpet on Sunday night, revealing some of the project details. In addition to the soft-scripted show—soft-scripted means there’s a set story arc with lots of room for ad-libbing, not that that’s all that different from reality TV—Frankel says there’ll be a competition show that’s a “continuation of [Frankel’s] story with a business twist,” a “women coming-of-age” show, something comedy-related, and another business-related program.

So far, it doesn’t sound like Frankel will star in any of these programs, but I can’t help but think she’ll pop up in at least some of them, either in cameo or fictionalized form. And if she doesn’t, I will NOT be watching.


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