Over the weekend, Bethenny Frankel spoke at an event for woman entrepreneurs. While there, she reportedly agreed with the advice that a black woman should hire a white man to rep for her company as a way to increase the likelihood of her success.

In a new series of slightly confusing tweets, Frankel denied saying she told women to “find the white guy,” instead arguing that they should “be better than men.”

One outspoken attendee, Mary Pryor, has apparently received a fair amount of internet harassment over her statements about Frankel.

She also claims Frankel has blocked her on Twitter, which is apparently par for the course if you get into with Frankel on the platform—even if you’re friends with her.

The host of the event, Project Entrepreneur, has also released a vaguely worded statement about Frankel’s words.

We understand that guests were offended during our Day 1 luncheon, following remarks made by our speaker. This was not our intention and is contrary to our goals. We apologize to our guests. We launched Project Entrepreneur to champion all women. We thank those of you who candidly spoke out and welcome this important dialogue. We look forward to continuing to empower women entrepreneurs as they build their businesses.