Being Best, Child Gives No Fucks About Meeting Melania

On Tuesday, the White House consigned 30 children from the Washington DC charter school Digital Pioneers Academy to watch the inspirational movie Wonder with two billionaires who don’t give a shit about them, the United States Secretary of Education and the First Lady. Perhaps tired, hungry, or realizing that she’s just a prop in Melania Trump’s bullshit propaganda “Be Best” campaign, this girl decided to be best and not Be Best, looking directly into the camera and crossing her arms.

@FLOTUS tweeted a photo album of everybody watching the movie, proof that they actually did this very inspirational thing, and implemented demonstrable action everybody can get behind: free T-shirts for all! Melania or her team captioned the images:

Thank you to the students & teachers from @DPApcs who joined me & @BetsyDeVosED to watch the movie #Wonder in the @WhiteHouse theater today. What a wonderful message! #BeBest #BullyingPreventionMonth #ChooseKind


You will notice that Melania and Betsy DeVos sit in plush armchairs with footrests and side tables for their popcorn, occupying the space of six people who sit in the regular theater seats behind them. “BETSY’S CHAIR!” someone must have told a child eager for a front-row seat who apparently thinks he or she can have everything, but nothing in life is free, kids.

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Ok so I saw the movie Wonder and it’s cute and nice and a good message. But the audacity of showing it in the Trump White House when you know the Trumps (all of them, including Melania) would be the first and worst bullies of a kid like Auggie as children or adults is just like...blech. Like, Trump would run the other way if he encountered someone (child or adult) with a facial irregularity on the street. He can’t even look at a woman who’s not a “10" without shuddering.

I know that’s not the point of the article but like, these people are such hypocrites and like even their movie choices make me want to strangle them is my point.