Best Buy Attracts Female Customers By Actually Listening To Women

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To combat poor sales among women, Best Buy consulted groups of female workers and customers. Though some executives questioned the value of these "Women's Leadership Forums," suggestions like more attractive displays and marketing used videogames to moms have proven successful. [WSJ]

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You want to combat poor sales among women? Then have more salespeople on the floor capable of answering our questions, pointing out things we may not know, and then leaving us alone until we make a decision. When we bought our flat screen, which cost considerably more than they cost today, we walked out of a Best Buy when we could get no one to wait on us for over 30 minutes. I was furious, and as we left the store the greeter who asked if everything was ok was informed that we would have spent over a thousand dollars in their store if someone had helped us. Instead we went to a competitor there I found someone willing to wait on us, answer questions, and yes sell us a darn TV.

Since that event I've seen a marked improvement in Best Buy. The one in my town is well staffed and there are usually several people available to assist me. But I reserve the right to have a snit if I'm ignored.