Bernie Sanders Will Not Scream and Take Off His Clothes

Bernie Sanders Will Not Scream and Take Off His Clothes
Screenshot: (YouTube/PowerfulJRE)

It’s raining. Have YOU hugged your anti-umbrella friend today?

Here’s all the shit we couldn’t cover today:

  • Bernie Sanders appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast, and the first five minutes are very good—if you need a break from whatever’s happening around you and just want your brain to make the sound TVs make when the antenna is broken. It’s also good if you want to laugh. Sanders is exceedingly thoughtful here in his depiction of how the media works and how the debates, as they’re currently run, are a terrible disservice to the American public. “You shouldn’t even call them a debate, what they are is a reality TV show,” he says, correctly. Later: “If I yelled and screamed on this show, I took my clothes off, that would get a lot of publicity, right? But you give a thoughtful answer to a complicated question, it’s not so sexy for the media.” Sanders will never pander to the American people, but he will bring any evidence about aliens that he personally uncovers as president to Rogan’s show:
  • Sanders also could not give a ringing endorsement of Vermont weed:
  • Elizabeth Warren wants a public option for the internet, which is good. [HuffPost]
  • Tiffany Cabán may have lost the race for Queens District Attorney, but she changed what’s possible in a DA race in New York City. [The Cut]
  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested 680 people today at multiple food processing plants in Mississippi, in what reportedly makes the largest “state immigration enforcement operation” ever. [BuzzFeed, Clarion Ledger]
  • The Supreme Court of Puerto Rico has unanimously decided that Pedro Pierluisi, who replaced Ricardo Rosselló as governor, was unconstitutionally installed. It has asked Pierluisi to resign today. [NPR]
  • A lot of people want ranked choice voting for local elections in Portland, Maine. [Fox 23 Maine]

Here are some tweets the president was allowed to publish:

This has been Barf Bag.

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