Ben Affleck's New Girlfriend's Name Is Shookus

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Ben Affleck was photographed out on the town Thursday night in Los Angeles with the woman rumored to be his new girlfriend, Lindsay Shookus. Here are the things we know about Shookus: Shookus is a 37-year-old producer at SNL, Shookus is an Emmy winner, Shookus is one of the “most powerful women in music,” Shookus has—like Affleck—been married before, and “Shookus” has just been added to my Chrome dictionary because I have a feeling I’ll be using the name a lot in the near future.

Here’s what a source told E! about Affleck and Shookus:

“It’s more than a summer fling. They are having fun and care for each other. It’s early and they are taking it slow.”


Below are a few alternative headlines for this post written by the Jezebel staff:

  • “Ben Affleck’s New Girlfriend Has Jenn Shook(us)” - Madeleine
  • “Ben Loves That Shookus Tuchus” - Hazel
  • “Shook? Us?” - Julianne
  • “Shookus Done Hooked Us” - Aimee
  • “Hookus Shookus! Ben’s New Gal Has Him Under a Spell” - Emma
  • “Who Needs Ouzounian When There’s Shookus?” - Bobby
  • “Shook-Me + Shook-You = Shook-us” - Joanna
  • “2 Wrongs Make a Shookus”- Joanna
  • “Lindsay Shookus All Night Long”- Joanna
  • “Did Ben Shack Shookus?”- Joanna

UPDATE: An earlier version of this post did not include Joanna Rothkopf’s Shookus headlines. They have since been added to the list.

[E! Online]

In case you couldn’t tell, the lead story today isn’t actually that interesting. The only reason it’s up top is because A) it’s Friday and anything goes, and B) I did not want to give this new story about Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna all the attention.


TMZ reports Kardashian has cut Chyna off financially. He has apparently stopped making her house payments, and has regained possession of the “two cars her gave her and jewelry as well.”

But Chyna is “fine paying the rent herself” and “confident of her earning power post-Rob.”




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I’m surprised, I thought for sure that Ben Affleck would end up dating a barely legal model. Because that’s usually how it goes, right? Maybe Leonardo DiCaprio would give him the Victoria’s Secret catalog and say - “Take your pick...but the blonde under 25 ones are mine.”