Bella Thorne Did NOT Masturbate on Snapchat Last Night, Despite What You May Have Heard

Image via screengrab.
Image via screengrab.

I am fully aware that many of you will soon scroll to the bottom of this post and publish comments like, “I still don’t understand who Bella Thorne is,” and, “Why do we care if someone made a fake video about this woman no one’s ever heard of,” and, “Isn’t this that person Scott Disick took to Cannes?”


To you all I say, “Scroll down to the second item, because it’s time to set the record straight about Bella Thorne.” Late Thursday night, an explicit video began making the rounds on the internet that appeared to show a Snapchat video of Famous In Love star Bella Thorne (see, I answered your first question) masturbating in the front seat of a car while saying, “Oh finally, I really needed a father.” Sites like ONTD were quick to post the video and take it as authentic, but more discerning viewers—Thorne among them—could tell it was a fake.

The video is actually a composite! The masturbation footage is of someone else (perhaps ripped from internet porn), while the footage of Thorne was taken from an old Snapchat video of the actress moaning about how thrilled she was to have “finally” purchased a coffee frother.

Thorne can’t believe so many of you fell for the hoax. Frankly, neither can I.

I hate that I put you all through this on such a gorgeous Friday morning (especially that misspelling of “masturbate”), but what can I say? You clicked!


I completely forgot that the legal battle between that Taylor Swift and that DJ she accused of groping her was still going on, but People reports this week that Swift has just “scored a small victory” in court.


David Mueller, the DJ in question, was sanctioned by a federal judge for “destroying or losing four electronic devices, including a cellular phone, laptop, iPad and computer” that contained “key evidence” about the case.

[District Judge] Martinez believes the recording is critical evidence due to Call’s claims that Mueller changed his story when he confronted him about Swift’s claim that he assaulted her.


The case goes to trial next month.


Is this good news? Bad news? Is this the worst news you’ve ever heard?

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Yesterday I came across some communication among youths who were discussing the Bella Thorne post. I smiled to myself and said “I know who this person is thanks to Bobby Finger.”

So what I’m saying is, Bobby, that I will always think of you whenever Bella Thorne is mentioned. That legacy is your burden to carry, my man. Hashtag I am sorry, but I am also not sorry. Shrug emoji.