Someone—perhaps a fan, or perhaps someone who’s just trying to figure out who she is—asked 18-year-old Boo! A Madea Halloween star Bella Thorne whether or not she’s bisexual on Tuesday afternoon. After opening her Twitter app and quoting the question, Thorne typed out her response and sent the tweet to all 6.42 million of her followers.

It said, simply, “Yes.” (Forgive me for that link.)

But that’s not important! No, that’s just a declaration of one’s sexuality. The reason I’m telling you a story about someone who probably makes you think, “Why is this person famous?” is because the revelation was followed by plenty of rumors that Thorne recently broke up with her boyfriend Gregg Sulkin (who he is isn’t important) in order to start dating—hold onto your butts—her brother Remy Thorne’s ex-girlfriend...who is also named Bella! Bella Pendergast! (Haha, as though providing a last name helps!)


Here’s a photo of Bella and Bella swimming together.

Here’s a tweet in which Bella calls Bella her “soulmate.”


Here’s a photo of Bella and Bella kissing.


And here is a photo of Bella Pendergast and the guy she was dating as recently as six days ago, which sort of throws a wrench into this entire rumor mill.




Step 1: Have 19 kids.

Step 2: Have another one.


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