Bella Hadid Said ACAB

Mocking the police is a principled and highly practical extension of one’s political engagement, so I’d be lying if I said that Bella Hadid calling some pigs goofy after she photographed them without any masks on didn’t delight me.


In a series of Instagram Stories Hadid posted while out and about in New York City Wednesday night, Hadid documented five cops who were just chilling, no masks, and wholly unsocially distanced. In the first post beseeching her followers to “WEAR A MASK,” she wrote: “You look goofy.” In the second, she flipped them off, writing: “Hey NYPD masks are for all of our safety, not just urs... :)”

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Screenshot: Instagram Stories

It’s unclear whether or not Hadid has physically involved herself in recent protests—but if she has, she was smart enough to not document it, though she has, in the past, participated in “Free Palestine” protests, and was photographed at them extensively. Perhaps she picked up this time-honored tradition—flipping off the police wherever you might find them—there!

Still, when city life gets too much for Hadid, or until her lucrative fashion career starts up again, she can enjoy a more peaceful, cop-free existence on her mother’s gargantuan Pennsylvania ranch. Perhaps the next time she visits Yolanda, and her very pregnant sister Gigi, she can teach them what ACAB means.


Here’s a quandary: Over in Atlanta, Kandi Burruss threw a birthday party for husband Todd Tucker at Bowlmor Bowling Alley. Attendants mostly wore masks, but the guest list isn’t really what concerns me. According to Instagram Stories seen by TMZ (they’re long gone by now), Kandi also hired dancers for the event, who were encased in glass boxes for the duration.

From what I can tell, these boxes do not have ventilation, at least ventilation that is visible on video. To the naked eye, they seem like nothing more than pre-fabbed glass enclosures that dancers have been put inside—if you’ve ever worked retail, or at amusement parks or museums, you know the kind. It’s a bit worrying! I’m glad that dancers and strippers, who’ve suffered greatly in the pandemic, are getting paid, and that they were following social distancing guidelines. But this? This cannot be the solution!


That Burruss took steps to provide some enclosure at all is, at least, a step. I also suspect that Real Housewives of Atlanta cameras were rolling for the event, considering its obvious production value and the scope of its guestlist. (Deelishis and Rasheeda were there!) But with Georgia having just surpassed 200,000 covid-19 cases, I’d rather be doing anything else but partying.

Cameron Diaz told Goop during “In Goop Health: The Sessions (Sponsored by Larabar)” that quitting her acting career gave her “peace in my soul.”

Aw! Kelis is pregnant! Although I cannot ignore that this post is, unfortunately, also an ad for First Response pregnancy tests...


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Quitting my job might bring peace to my soul, but I would also have no money.