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I guess homeboy like... got it? After reconciling in April of this year, The Weeknd, 28, and Bella Hadid, 22, are considering getting engaged. The two moved in together a few months back, and sources say the couple considers engagement a logical next step. Any couple who can execute a BeetleJuice/Lydia costume as flawlessly as The Weeknd and Bella did this past Halloween can certainly make marriage work. They are, per sources, “madly in love.”

I am always unsure of how to refer to The Weeknd; should the article be included in his name, or is calling him “Weeknd” sufficient? I still think that the video of Bella Hadid, in which she memorably states that a “homeboy” in possession of a certain pair of sneakers would undoubtedly “like... get it,” is one of the most enrapturing things I’ve ever encountered on the internet. Watch it on repeat ahead of the holiday and any family interactions will be considerably easier.


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Yesterday, Pusha T’s concert in Ontario erupted into a physical altercation, with a disgruntled fan (or Drake affiliate?) dousing the stage in beer before rushing onto it. Three people were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries, and Pusha himself was unharmed. After the melee, Pusha attempted to commence his performance, but was eventually forced to end the evening early. Addressing the crowd, he implied that people were “paid” to attend the concert and throw beer. Paid by whom? Paid how much? His feud with Drake has been all but neutralized, so it doesn’t quite gel that the Toronto Kid was involved. However, upon returning to the stage, Pusha performed “Infrared,” a song containing a diss at Drake.

I honestly do no have the energy for a second installment of this feud. Maybe it was an especially impassioned Whitney Houston fan, still sore over Pusha T’s use of a controversial photo of the singer’s drug-strewn bathroom? Anything is possible!



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