Being First Lady of France Ruined Carla Bruni's Modeling Career

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The fabulous French couple that is former president Nicolas Sarkozy and his model-singer wife Carla Bruni Sarkozy were hacked, sort of. Private recordings of the pair talking about how Bruni’s modeling career was ruined after marrying her husband were leaked to the French press, but they both come off pretty good.

NICOLAS SARKOZY : When I was Minister of the Budget and I invited [Governor of the Bank of France] Mr. Noyer to Bercy. I had a rented apartment on Rue Pierre Charon. I paid, because at the time you paid nothing!

CARLA BRUNI SARKOZY : I always thought we should keep…

NICOLAS SARKOZY : And we have one rented house along with three official residences.

CARLA BRUNI SARKOZY : Well, yes, but that’s because I subsidize you.


CARLA BRUNI SARKOZY : And I thought I was marrying a man with a salary and … Brouhaha… I had fabulous contracts and, then, nothing! A la la la la la… Luckily, after….

NICOLAS SARKOZY : See that I get rich by getting married.

CARLA BRUNI SARKOZY : I think I’m going to re-sign some contracts. I’m not even going to wait a very long time. If I may, a cool little contract like that? You agree, they’re not going to sell the anti-wrinkle cream campaign to a 22-year-old, right?


CARLA BRUNI SARKOZY: Julia Roberts 44, Sharon Stone 52, Julianne Moore 53… All of them have fabulous contracts, no? I can’t take them for the moment, it’s not done.

NICOLAS SARKOZY: I’m telling you, my future is to be Mr. Ramirez at the cash register.


CARLA BRUNI SARKOZY : No. Just that I can do my job already, like that... to support… very expensive... I’m telling you I am crazy about him... well... we’re losing our minds, huh?


While the pair are suing for breach of privacy, writes NYMag, I appreciate Sarkozy’s security in not only his manhood but inability to ball on the same level as his wife. Anyone got the tapes on what they really think of Mary-Kate Olsen marrying Olivier Sarkozy?

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