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Being Able to See Not As Important as Not Being Fat

An Arizona State University survey found that 1 in 6 women would rather be blind than obese. Obesity is, generally speaking, a condition that can be reversed whereas blindness is usually forever. Is the fact that north of 15% of women who participated in the study would prefer blindness to obesity a testament to the shallowness that women have been driven to in American society or to the fact that women realize that society tends to treat the obese more poorly than it treats the blind?

1 in 6 Women Would Rather Be Blind Than Obese [Times of India]


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senile groucho marx

You can lose weight. You cannot regain sight.

I have met people from ASU. My friend asked an ASU girl what major she decided to take.

Her answer: Veterinary sciences, because "I love animals"

I rest my case.