Behold: Two of the Best RuPaul's Drag Race Skits Ever, Via John Waters

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On Monday night, beloved director and gross-out camp icon John freaking Waters was one of the guest judges on Drag Race. In honor of his blessed presence, RuPaul brought out the big guns: the queens were tasked to reenact scenes from iconic Waters movies starring none other than Divine—in musical form. It resulted in some of the funniest segments in the show’s history.


In the first clip, my personal fave, Kennedy Davenport and Katya reenacted the “cha-cha heels” scene from Female Trouble. For reference:

Now, here’s Kennedy and Katya doing their version, which is an utter scream... literally:

So yeah, I am a person whose first introduction to musical theater was Beach Blanket Babylon (age six; thanks, Tía Josie) and whose first introduction to the oeuvre of Western film was Lust in the Dust (age eight; my mom covered my eyes a lot). Personal biases aside, trust me when I say this was Katya’s finest moment in the whole of season 7. She should have won the challenge, to my mind, but there was some serious competition in the form of Ginger Minj and Trixie Mattel, who translated the infamous egg scene from Pink Flamingos:

The competition was tough, but ultimately, Judge John Waters felt both Ginger and Trixie captured the pathos necessary to make this over-the-top egg scene hilarious, plus Ginger Minj is basically Mink Stole reincarnated, god bless ‘er:

Here’s a question: can we permanently get rid of Ross and... that other new guy with the clothes, and replace them with John Waters? The jokes were to die for—LITERALLY: “Bring back my pussywillows.” And the judges landscape has been seriously lacking in funny without Santino’s interminable hilarious bitchiness (Also, out with these pop stars who say it’s their dream to be on the show and then offer nothing that shows they even watch it, even though I love Ariana and Demi.) Alas, they’ve all been resting on the humor of Ru and Michelle Visage alone.

Then again, who wouldn’t wanna rest on these, hunty:

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Ru as a black light painting of herself!

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Dr. Mabuse

Ginger and Katya stole this challenge. It was hard for me to choose between those two. They were amazing. This was a standout, even though the songs lacked luster. (Seriously, Lucian Piane is not that good you guys.) They were brilliant in their roles, and elevated this crummy season. Those two have to be in the final three.

I thought Violet, Fame and Pearl all should have had to lip sync for their lives, and that Pearl and Fame should have been sent home. That was objectively terrible.