Behold the First Photos of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Out on the Town

The British tabloid that “leaked” (or perhaps “was asked by Swift to photograph”) those images of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston siting uncomfortably on a rock in our nation’s tiniest state while staring out at the ocean and wishing for it to swallow them alive is BACK with what are arguably even more culturally significant photos.


Early Thursday morning, The Sun published photos of THE Prince Harry and THE Meghan Markle on a “romantic date” in London. The two were reportedly seeing the critically acclaimed play The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, and were bundled up in casual winter clothes like two very hip cold people.

Harry reportedly “booked last-minute tickets for the production.” Said a “pal” in this bizarre statement:

“They are clearly crazy about each other and have told friends they are very much in love. As an actress Meghan loves the theatre so this was an obvious date to go on.”

It’s nice to know Harry and his Amazon Echo are such good friends.

[The Sun]

Yesterday we heard the news that Amber Heard filed a court order demanding that Johnny Depp pay her the $6.8 million she’s owed (and will eventually give to charity). We also heard a juicy rumor that Depp hasn’t paid up because he might not have the cash. Today we’ve got a claim that is, in some ways, even more shocking than that—and it’s straight from Heard herself.

E! Online reports that, in a declaration “included in the documents,” Heard writes (emphasis mine):

“[Depp] also claimed that I violated the confidentiality provisions of the [Deal Point Memorandum] by announcing that I was donating my settlement to charities. In fact, I made those donations in good faith and I was responding to the leaks by Johnny’s agents bragging that I had settled for substantially less than a reported, earlier offered sum and attempting to label me a gold digger.


Oh shit! We all know stuff like this happens, but it’s pretty surprising to have a celebrity directly accuse publicists of working with tabloids to start rumors. Don’t stop now, Amber. Give us more.

[E! Online]

I’m gonna vom.


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I am so impressed with how well Amber Heard has not only put up with all the hate, but continued to call out Johnny Depp and his team on their shit throughout. She’d better get that Land Rover or I’m going to LA, stealing it and driving it right to her myself (with all her money in a comedy swag bag in the back ofc).