Behold: Marc Summers Is the Most Wonderful TV Host Ever

Holy shit, this Marc Summers interview on Buzzfeed is quite possibly the most revelatory thing you’ll see all day. Maybe it won’t surprise you to learn that the popular Nickelodeon goo called Gak that grade school children in the mid-90s used as lint brushes actually derives its name from the street moniker for heroin.


BUT, did you know that Marc Summers, host of the family slopfest called Double Dare, hosts an event in Philadelphia every June for Beer Week called “Drunk Double Dare”? And that it’s actually called “Dunkledare” because the legally conscientious Mr. Summers does not want to be sued by Nickelodeon? And, just like your parents, Marc Summers is an enormous James Taylor fan? It’s all true, that is unless Marc Summers is really a charismatic alien who knows exactly what millennials want to hear from a television personality.

via Buzzfeed

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How about we get rid of all reality TV - well maybe not the cooking shows - and replace it with Double Dare, Legends of the Hidden Temple, and Guts? Obviously hosted by Marc Summers, Kirk Fogg, and Mike O'Malley, respectively, in all their greying hair glory?