Behold: A Sensual Hot Pockets Ad Starring Kate Upton and Snoop Dogg

Some extra-suave, extra-classy modern day Don Draper has devised a viral marketing campaign for Hot Pockets. Hot Pockets, according to this 4 minute and 36 second long rapturous ode, are delicious meat-pouches that you put in the microwave when you want to feel sexy — which I would say is a very accurate characterization, having drunkenly stuffed one of the frozen meat pouches into a dorm-room microwave myself.

In this Hot Pockets ad, Kate Upton falls asleep after fangoriously devouring a steaming Hot Pocket (Kate Upton does not burn her mouth on the Hot Pocket, a product whose eponym is the word "hot," which indicates that she's probably the Mother of Dragons. Alternatively, it indicates that she is accustomed to being objectified in extreme temperatures. Idk.).


In sleep, she is transported to a magical realm where everything is strange: humans can walk upon the clouds; no one is allowed to like crust and meat simultaneously, causing a vicious rift between #TEAMCRUST and #TEAMMEAT; and Snoop Lion goes by the name Snoop Dogg.

Bow Wow is there. So is Larry King in a large golden medallion that reads "CHEESE." Just a typical night in the contemporary Garden of Earthly Delights.

[H/t: The Cut]

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