Behind The Scenes With Britney Spears And Terry Richardson

In this behind-the-scenes video from her Candie's campaign, Britney Spears does a pretty good job pretending to actually wear the clothes, which she pronounces "very fitting." Terry Richardson says, "This, for me, is one of my like, all-time exciting moments."

Richardson shoots Spears dressed in a bikini, posed against a plain white wall — the better to be "organic" and "natural," in his words — and holding a variety of comically oversized props, for that full The Daughters of Edward Darley Boit effect.

Leibovitz has Spears sit for a classic Annie Leibovitz portrait — there's your greige background, your wooden stool on which the subject perches, your tousled hair, and your soft, directionless light. Snooze. Seliger goes for an over-the-top, set that's supposed to look like a dressing room at the Folies Bergère, if the Folies Bergère were located in a gigantic womb. "I like the idea of a French burlesque idea," he says.


Meanwhile, Spears enjoys the downtime between takes from the comfort of her trailer, which has been "Candie-ized — literally, with candy," points out a brand representative. Also, Britney gets a D.J. "Most of the time he does a lot of hip-hop, which I can really get down with," she explains.

Welcome to My Candie's [Britney Spears] [YouTube]

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Wait a sec! Candie's? The company with an abstinance campaign [for which they hired a spokesperson who definitely did *not* abstain]? They actually released behind the scenes footage of their employment of Terry Richardson? I don't mean to throw a scarlett letter on the guy just b/c some (okay, lots) of people claim he's pervy on set, but wouldn't their PR team think to not associate him with the brand? Then again, the face of the company is Brit, who famously claimed to be "waiting for marriage" while famously not. Whatevs.