'Beer Should Be Like Violence: Domestic' Ad Shockingly Flops

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Houston area hippie-dippie restaurant Roots Bistro ran a sign on its marquee this weekend proclaiming "Beer should be like violence: domestic."


That joke might have gone over well during a super awesome post-sexist game of Cards Against Humanity, but a restaurant manager named Kenneth told Houston Press that the sign was only up for 10 minutes, thanks to instant and justified internet outrage.

Perhaps it's hypothetically possible to poke fun at domestic violence — this writer has personally never LOLed over wife beating, but we'd imagine the same guidelines regarding how to make a rape joke (make sure rape culture/rapists are the butt of the joke, not victims) would apply, given that domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women between the ages of 15 and 44 in the United States, more than car accidents, muggings and rapes combined, according to a government report. One woman is beaten by her husband or partner every 15 seconds here in the good ol' United States, where we proudly use our right to free speech to compare good beer to punching your spouse in the face.


Kenneth told Houston Press that the restaurant knew it fucked up. "Everyone makes mistakes," he said. "We completely deserved the backlash, and I can't be mad at anyone but myself."

However, the next sign the restaurant erected read: "Seriously, focus your energy on equal rights."

Seriously, maybe don't eat at "local-organic-green" Roots Bistro anymore!

[Houston Press]

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Ginger, get the popcorn!

I'm very sorry if I'm betraying the sisterhood by saying this (like Sarah Palin, sometimes I go rogue. Unlike Sarah Palin, I care more about women than I do about giant soft drinks), but I'm inclined to forgive Roots.

The "joke" was tasteless and absolutely not OK, but I also think the owner showed appropriate remorse, totally understood why everyone was pissed, issued a legit apology in which he takes responsibility for the boneheaded move (and acknowledges it was stupid), and then puts up a new sign that sort of tongue-in-cheek alludes to their fuck-up while also being pro-equality. They don't get a pass on the shitty sign, but I'm willing to forgive this instance.