Bed Bugs Are Riding ALL the New York City Subways Right Now

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New York City's bed bug scare is not over. The little bloodsuckers are reportedly spreading across the city via the subway system — and it's not just the N train.

Transit worker insiders spoke to the Daily News anonymously and shared that the following subway lines have had bed bugs sightings: The Q, the N, the L, and no. 6, 3, 4, 5, trains. The bugs are even crawling their way into the MTA break rooms in Brooklyn and Queens.

"We've never had sightings to this magnitude," said Joe Costales, a chairman with Transport Workers Union Local 100. "We've had isolated incidents in crew quarters, but it's no longer an isolated scenario. It's throughout the system."


My skin is crawling right now. I'm seriously considering riding my bike everywhere.

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All Corgis All the Time

/begin my bed bug rant from the drop in centre

We had a clothing and household goods section where people could get items twice a week. Some things were unlimited, while other things had specific rules (work boots, blankets, tents, sleeping bags, etc) because they were in huge demand. Now, homeless people and marginalized both accessed these items.

Note: We had no washing facilities, so we asked that things be cleaned when donated.

During a bed bug outbreak, people donated their bed bug infested shit to us. By the truckfuckingload. I can't detail how many times we'd all be sorting through donations during a lull and fucking bugs crawling over the tables! Everything got thrown out right into the dumpster. I don't fucking care what it was - if there's one, there's a billion of them.

And you know why people did that? Well, the homeless should be happy with whatever they get, right? I mean, a person who has Hep C, diabetes, an addiction, a mental illness, and is covered in bug bites from sleeping outside won't mind having fucking bed bugs biting them all night long, right?

/end bed bug rant