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Bed Bath & Beyond Has Been Lying to You

Illustration for article titled Bed Bath  Beyond Has Been Lying to You

We have all been lied to, been tricked: Bed Bath & Beyond's towel display? Foam. FOAM. And it's our own damn fault.


Americans love plenty. Grocery stores can't just offer 20 ripe oranges, they have to display a mountain of fruit. Same goes for Bed Bath & Beyond. One store does not needs thousands of towels that stack all the way to the ceiling, but that's what we want. That soothing feeling of being surrounded by abundance. At BB&B, the tower of towels is all lies… But the lies are for us.

[Buzzfeed via Neatorama]

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Am I the only one who gets dizzy and kind of nauseated when I'm in Bed Bath & Beyond. It's all just too much stuff and it's all packed way too close together. I can usually get through kitchen-wares OK but by the time I'm in towels and curtains I start to feel like I'm having trouble breathing and I just need to get out of there.