Because Victoria's Secret Lingerie Isn't Costume Enough As Is...

Illustration for article titled Because Victorias Secret Lingerie Isnt Costume Enough As Is...

We wish we could say we believed this line of "Sexy Little Things" (found in "Sleep and Lounge") had anything to do with Halloween. Click to enlarge for the full experience. Assuming you'd even want that.


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Zombie Normal Peasant

They ain't got nothing on that wackadoodle yandy site, with its Sexy Annie, Sexy George Washington, Sexy Eskimo, Sexy Chewbacca, Sexy Pippi Longstocking, Sexy Mary Poppins, you get the picture.

Sexy Annie, you guys. So disturbing.

ETA the link. Don't say I didn't warn you! Be sure to also check out the "Sexy costumes," which is oddly a separate category.