Because People Love to Watch Magazine Editors, Cosmo Gets Another TV Show

Though Cosmopolitan’s already signed up for the scripted show Issues, a new report suggests they’ll be diving into reality as well.

Sources told Women’s Wear Daily that staffers are “in production for a reality show on E! based on the lives of editors.” Details at this point are limited to that, but given E!’s current glut of shows about women in relatively exciting workplaces—LA Clippers Dance Squad, Total Divas—this seems like a good fit for the network, though how scintillating the hypothetical show will be remains to be seen (despite the number of romantic comedy leads who are magazine editors, watching people actually do that job has not been incredibly interesting to watch). Given that both the scripted program and the reality show are described vaguely, it’s hard to tell how similar they’ll be, but they’re both described as being about the “lives” of staffers, so... similar enough.

And in other Cosmo news, Joanna Coles is following in the long tradition of Cosmo/magazine editors in general writing a book tied to the publication. In 2018, HarperCollins will publish a book on the “new sexual revolution” we’re apparently currently experiencing, and will give her advice on how to navigate those waters. Via the AP:

“As the editor of Cosmopolitan, I talk to hundreds of young women about the sometimes bewilderingly rapid changes taking place in our romantic lives, and the role new technology plays in our search for intimacy and commitment,” Coles said in a statement issued through her publisher. “It’s easier than ever to connect with people, yet studies show young women and men are lonelier than ever. I want to take an in-depth look at our new rules of engagement and to suggest some guidelines for surviving the digital disruption to our love lives.”

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Whatever, as long as they are making people cry, I am okay with this. I mean, I will never ever ever watch it, I will be busy watching things like my sink faucet dripping for hours on end. Or the ceiling fan that is not on but I swear to god it just wiggled. Or my jar of pens.