This week's Beauty 101 is all about dealing with various beauty disasters: bad haircuts, over-plucked brows, razor burn, and more.

Nearly everyone has gone through one of these scenarios before, whether it's a case of an at-home bang trim gone wrong or a waxing mishap or just a day spent walking around unintentionally looking like Robert Smith before noticing that one's eye makeup has been dripping off of one's face throughout the afternoon. But, unfortunately, the world doesn't stop turning, and we have to leave the house and return to work with our 4th grade picture bangs, half eyebrow, and a nice red smear next to our lips. But while we wait for our bodies to recover, is there anything we can do to hide the mishap? Consider the following questions:

1. Help! I over-plucked my eyebrows and now they're sparse/uneven. How do I fix them until the hair grows back?


2. I have a wicked sunburn on my face—how can I speed up the healing process or reduce the redness?

3. I burned myself while using wax—what's the best way to treat the burn? Can I cover it in any way?

4. No matter what I do, I always seem to get razor burn on my legs/bikini area. Any tips on preventing this?

5. I don't use waterproof mascara because I find it too hard to remove—is there anyway I can wear regular mascara and avoid running/smudging?


6. I have a big event to go to tomorrow night, and I'm breaking out—how can I clear up/cover a blemish in a hurry?

7. I've decided to grow out a short cut and I'm frustrated; how can I make the growing-out process a little easier? Any styling tips?


8. I didn't notice until I got to work that I had lipstick/powder/foundation on my shirt—is there any way to get rid of the stain at the office?

Think you can help your fellow readers? Please leave your tips in the comments below. A roundup of your answers will be posted tomorrow.


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