Are you really, really ridiculously good-looking? THOT SO.

Do you also want a case of the icks? If so, read on!

A new study out of the Open University of Israel and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem suggests that the most attractive members of the female sex are also the most willing to conform to society's norms as well as put their own interests before the interests of others.


Researchers came to this conclusion after pulling 118 college-age women for a series of questions about their values and personality traits (openness, agreeableness, neuroticism, self-direction, etc.) and then taking video of each woman reading a weather report. Another 118 students-40% of them male-were asked to watch the videos and rate each woman on their attractiveness as well as their values. As it turns out, not only were the more attractive women thought to possess more desirable traits than those gauged less attractive, but also found that:

Attractiveness correlated with values that express the motivation to conform and submit to social expectations, and with values that express a focus on self-promotion rather than on concern for others… [the results indicate] that the beautiful strive for conformity rather than independence and for self-promotion rather than tolerance.

These two principles dovetail in the concept of "erotic capital," the idea that women use their looks and sexuality to get ahead in office environments-and the reason that attractive women are often judged as undeserving and incompetent in the first place. Sigh. Where are the 118 dudes we can watch and analyze? I'm waiting.


-Anna Breslaw

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