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Beagle Adorably Loses Its Shit Over a Lemon

It's easy to envy the simple-minded canine, a creature that can derive infinite pleasure from something as seemingly boring as a lemon. Though for us a discarded lemon is merely a reason to argue with whomever we're living with to please not be so careless with the citrus, for this beagle, a discarded lemon is an epic battle with plenty of opportunities for adorable feinting.


via Buzzfeed

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"It's food! But it hurts. But it's food! But it hurts! But it's free fucking food right there on the floor! But it makes my mouth feel the opposite of happy snack time! BUT THEY GAVE IT TO ME AND I NEED TO EAT IT BEFORE THEY TAKE IT AWAY! BUT FUCKING OW.

*sulking at 0:54*

...okay, let's give this another—YOWCH! FOOD SHOULD NOT BE THIS WAY."

Puppy is off in the next room having a serious life crisis.