Be On The VIP List For Vanilla Ice's Home Renovation "Rave"

"It's a room-by-room rave, and you're on the VIP list," the announcer says in the promo video for The Vanilla Ice Project, a reality show in which the former rap star renovates houses. Word to your mother?

The program premieres Thursday on DIY Network, and viewers will see Vanilla Ice — née Robert Matthew Van Winkle — flipping homes and saying things such as: "I like to sit back... and think, 'Look at what I've accomplished.'" (Without "Ice Ice Baby" springing to mind.)


The rapper tries his hand at flipping homes for 'The Vanilla Ice Project' on the DIY Network [NYDN]



It's like reality tv show Mad Libs. Next up, "Coming this [unit of time]! [D-list celebrity] takes on the [adjective] challenge of [activity] to [verb] and [verb]. Watch him/her [verb] and meet lots of [adjective] [nouns]!"