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Be Inspired by New Videos of Tween Ryan Gosling Dancing His Ass Off

Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Little King Young Goose, who had a dream of Hollywood and apparently unlimited swag. As he toiled in Canadian obscurity—home-schooled by his Mormon mother after a little knife-throwing incident, and finding solace in the heavily female world of ballet—this "Ryan Gosling" apparently danced his fucking ass off at every opportunity, as we can see from these inspiring and newly unearthed videos of a 1992 showcase from Ontario's Elite Dance Centre. The first one was posted last Friday by a woman whose cousin had danced at the same company, and they keep rolling in.


We are lucky to be alive in this time where nothing dies. Here's a routine to "Hound Dog":

Here's him doing the Contours:

Everyone at this company is a Ryan Gosling backup dancer. Here he repeats some moves and it doesn't even matter because the swag levels are absolutely uncontrollable.

God bless.

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This is all very adorable, but when I was a child if any dude participated in dance performances like this they would've gotten made fun of SO BAD.

And now all the now grown men who wanted to dance but didn't for fear of being made fun of are cursing themselves after seeing these videos.