BBC Viewers Are Complaining About New, Accidentally Mumblecore War and Peace Series

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A new Andrew Davies adaptation of War and Peace is currently airing over in the U.K., garnering solid reviews. But there’s a complaint, in the grand tradition of the candlelight in Wolf Hall being too dim, which is that the actors won’t stop MUMBLING! SPEAK UP!

So sayeth the Mirror, which canvassed Twitter and found such feedback as, “Why on earth was the actor playing Pierre in War and Peace chosen as all he does is mumble? I can hardly understand a word he says,” and “War and Peace looks bloody beautiful but can these people please enunciate.” The British public have previously complained about the sound in Birdsong, Jamaica Inn, and Parade’s End. However, the Mirror notes that, “the BBC has yet to log any complaints about War and Peace.”

War and Peace arrives in the states on January 18. If you can’t understand what they’re saying, at least you can stare at those cheekbones, right?

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Eh. British period drama so I’ll watch it.

But my favorite program to come out of the BBC lately is Catastrophe.

Have you seen it? So smart. So funny. Written by the actors. No costumes required. (Amazon Prime in the US).