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Batter Up! Hear That Call!

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The time has come for one all to playyyyyy ball.

They are [most of] the members of the [cast of 1992's A League of Their Own]. They came from cities near and far [to play a game of softball at the Bentonville Film Festival]. They’ve got [Tracy Reiner, Anne Ramsay, Geena Davis, Freddie Simpson, Megan Cavanaugh, and Patti Pelton, but not Madonna, Rosie O’Donnell, or Lori Petty]. They’re [nearly] all for one, they’re one for [nearly] all, they’re All-Americans!


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Staff Writer, Jezebel | Man

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Marzipan in your Pie Plate

That’s very cool!

Also this is one of those movies I will watch anytime I happen to catch it from whatever point it happens to be at when I turn on the TV.

And this line, which we use in my house all the time whenever the kiddo is crying for no good reason: