Batshit Voicemail From a Dude: 'GODDAMMIT, AMANDA!!!!'

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There are more than a few scenarios where trusting your gut is A-OK. A sketchy burrito joint. A bikini waxing place operating out of the back of a truck. (I know you bought a Groupon. I'm sorry.) And online dating, for the love of God.

A reader emailed in to tell us about a guy she'd met online. As she wrote in a post on her blog, he was a little boring, a little off, and wanted her to commit to 30 days of exclusive dating before she'd even met him. It was unorthodox, but she was tired of juggling, so she said okay. Then she changed her mind, having gotten a bad vibe from him and being unsure of whether she wanted to stick out 30 days with this dude — so she let him know.

This turned out to be the best thing she could have done.

Remember: They have not even met.


Afterwards, just to see how much of a bullet she had dodged, she went online and discovered that the guy had racked up a previous arrest and harassment charge. Fucking yiiiiikes.

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This just reminds me of the Louis C.K. bit about how the most dangerous thing in the world for women is... guess what. Men.