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Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth

Basketball Wives Worked Together To Uncover Kobe Bryant’s Cheating

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The wives of male sports stars are often painted as competitive, backstabbing bitches who are more concerned with catty one-upmanship than camaraderie, but the latest development in the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant divorce goes a long way to dispel that myth – with the wives of his fellow teammates working together to lift the lid on his systematic cheating. Though these women are often sworn to secrecy by their evidently gossipy husbands, once they realized the extent of his infidelities they decided to flip the brotherhood the bird and let Vanessa know what was going on. Forget Mob Wives and The Real Housewives, I clearly need to start watching Basketball Wives – those ladies must make for great TV. [TMZ]
News of Kobe's divorce is a mixed bag for actress Sanaa Lathan, who was spotted flirting with him at the Jay-Z and Kanye West concert before the announcement was made. On the one hand, it means she can now move in freely, on the other maybe that whole married man thing was a turn-on. [NYDN]


If you get palpitations over weddings, Britney Spears or fancy jewelry you might want to crush up a Xanax and mix it in with your morning chai because the pop singer flashed her ring to all and sundry at her engagement party over the weekend. A three-carat Neil Lane number, Jason Trawick commissioned it all special like from the celebrity jeweller. "Jason is a romantic and when I asked him to tell me about Britney and what the ring would represent to them so I could find inspiration, his response was always the same - she is his princess!" squealed Neil. "Jason didn't want an over-the-top ring with a giant stone." Yeah, understated is definitely the word any sane person would use to describe a 91-diamond sparkler. Photos at the link/s. [People, NYDN]


She's normally too busy being awesome and socially conscious to spend time publicly snarking and that's why it's so titillating when Mia Farrow blends the two seamlessly by slamming reports that some people in North Korea have been crying in the streets over the death of Kim Jong-il. "N Korea: Ppl sobbing, wailing & thrashing about - as an actor I can say, they would never get hired," she Tweeted. [Twitter]

Though it could do without the fat jibe, especially when they're most likely referring to the only likeable one, Khloé, we're nevertheless excited about the joining of two of our favorite things: new Absoutely Fabulousness and Kardashian hate. [Towleroad]


It's fine that Justin Bieber's parents encouraged him to give up his childhood to chase his earning potential because it clearly wasn't that much of one to begin with — his mom telling him early on that Santa Claus doesn't exist. "My mom always told me there wasn't a Santa," he said. "This was her logic: She thought if I grew up knowing about Santa then finding out he wasn't real, that it would be like she was lying to me. And then when she told me about God, I maybe wouldn't believe her." So, denying the existence of one fictional character is supposed to bolster the belief in another? [US]


  • With Brad Pitt, Angelina and the rest of their brood making a rare effort to mix with the non-specials by catching "Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour" on Saturday night, it's kind of weird to see them enjoy some familiy time in public and not have assembled crowds mob the shit out of them. [TMZ]
  • Barefoot diva Cesária Évora has died at the age of 70. Sads. [Vulture]
  • Some disgruntled NYU professor says the university is in love with James Franco and he won't stand for it. [Contact Music]
  • The holidays must be rough for Emily Blunt, who says her childhood stutter comes out around her family. [TVNZ]
  • Jay-Z isn't taken any chances with his family, making sure their ride is bullet-proof in case their approaching baby looks at the wrong punk in daycare. []
  • Wowsers, Monica Bellucci couldn't give a fuck about appearing in a nude scene just six weeks after the birth of her second child. And it's easy to see why not. [The Sun]
  • Beyoncé's mom and dad finally make it legit by finalizing their divorce. [TMZ]
  • Some UK nobody opens up about his one-night fumble with Lindsay Lohan. Stay classy, nobody. [Mirror]
  • Schlock horror, Bombshell McGee has a sex tape and it's surfaced from the swamp of mediocrity. [TMZ]
  • In related news: you can exhale, the Tupac Shakur sex tape has been sold and the grainy stills will be making their way into your inbox any day now. [TMZ]
  • Suri Cruise dressed up like a gin-soaked society matron in heels and a fur coat on a recent night out. Question: if it turned out to be real fur would PETA paint-bomb a child? [Radar]
  • True or not it still reminds us how sad it is she's gone, with Brittany Murphy's mom saying toxic mold killed her. [TMZ]
  • If you had $11.8million you could buy a pearl that Elizabeth Taylor's dog once ate and then spit back up. [Page Six]
  • When they say Oprah Winfrey "let loose" at her company's holiday party we hope it means she got hopelessly drunk and tried to sleep with/openly smack talked an employee. We can dream. [Page Six]
  • Stop the interwebs! Bruce Springsteen is defecting from Levi jeans to Wallace & Barnes 'Made in the USA' denims. [NYDN]
  • Stacy Keibler is the latest middling celebrity to have made serious bank since dating someone higher up the chain, in her case George Clooney. [NYDN]
  • It's baby number two for Alyson Hannigan, the actress currently baking another at this very moment. Congrats! [E!]
  • Kim Kardashian says she still believes in love but is not actively looking for a new candidate to fake it with. [NYDN]
  • Kourtney Kardashian feels the same way about food while pregnant as most of the world does about her family all of the time in that she can't "tolerate" much of it. [US]
  • Back at home following her double mastectomy, Giuliana Rancic says she's "feeling good." [US]
  • Dancing With The Stars crowd favorite J.R. Martinez is expecting a baby. Well, from his girlfriend's uterus. [People]
  • The idea of Melissa Rivers starring in porn is both hilarious and a little suspect. [TMZ]
  • Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean got married and says he was a total "groomzilla" – quick, patent the reality show idea! [People]
  • Aw, sickly pop legend George Michael will be home for the holidays. [Daily Mail]
  • Okay, this is pretty solid: "Watch Angela Chase React To Claire Danes's Cursing On Homeland. [Vulture]