Sherlock doesn’t return to PBS until 2017—sigh—but we’ve finally been blessed with our first teaser trailer for its fourth season. And judging from these 90 seconds, the outlook is bleak.

At its beginning, a static-filled television screen clears to reveal the doe-eyed psychopath Moriarty (Andrew Scott). “Did you miss me?” he asks. Does this mean Sherlock’s arch nemesis will return to plague him yet again? If so, perhaps he will work in tandem with the new villain introduced in the trailer, played by Toby Jones. It seems, too, that Mary (Amanda Abbington), former assassin and Watson’s wife, will continue to partake in her fair share of sleuthing.

And what of the eerie hospital scene? Will Sherlock finally be forced to confront his drug addiction à la his 21st century creative progeny, Gregory House?

If nothing else, the closing scene promises us more bitchy banter between Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch/my other husband) and Mycroft (Mark Gatiss). And Martin Freeman will continue his role as adorable, vaguely perplexed straight man. Thank goodness for all that. Now, if only time would pass a bit quicker.