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Barneys CEO Is Sorry for All the Racism

Illustration for article titled Barneys CEO Is Sorry for All the Racism

After a bad week, PR-wise, the CEO of embattled overpriced shit chain Barneys has apologized to the two black customers who reported being mistreated by the chain after they made the bold, offensive decision to purchase luxury goods in a non-white fashion.


The incidents — where a 19-year-old boy reports that he was cuffed after rightfully purchasing a $350 belt and a 21-year-old woman says she was roughed up by police after purchasing a $2,500 handbag — have spurred harsh public criticism, petitions, and pressure on Jay-Z to cancel plans to promote the store's wares.

Said Mark Lee, CEO of Barneys,

Barneys New York believes that no customer should have the unacceptable experience described in recent media reports, and we offer our sincere regret and deepest apologies.


Translation: we'll take your money, black people!


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