Barbra Streisand Appears on Late Night TV for First Time in 50 Years

On Monday, Barbra Streisand appeared on late night television for the first time in 50 years, and she chose to make that historic appearance with Jimmy Fallon. Of course.


The last time she appeared on a late night show was on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in 1967. On Monday's show, Streisand and Fallon sang several duets from her new album "Partners." Fallon filled in for Elvis Presley, Blake Shelton, and Michael Bubl, with lots of wigs and goofy props, naturally.

She continued her famous streak of not sitting on the traditional side for talk show guests and took over Fallon's desk like a true queen. Babs does not fuck around when it comes to being filmed from her good side, even though we all know every side of her is LIKE BUTTAH. Via US Weekly:

"I gotta be honest," Fallon [said]. "I thought you might be a nightmare, or a diva. But, you were nice to everybody here. You are allowed to be a diva. What did you do with Barbra Streisand?!"

"I'm quite ordinary," replied Streisand. "We lead a simple life. We don't really like the big-time stardom thing. We take little trips in a truck. My husband drives," she added, of life with James Brolin.


She told Fallon she was impressed with his singing and if you think she's just being polite for the camera, don't forget this is BABS. She has no interest in bullshitting with anyone, no matter who they are.

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OK, Fallon was playing the part Elvis, but was that Jennifer Anniston playing the part of Barbara?