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Barbie, 56, Can Finally Wear Flats

Illustration for article titled Barbie, 56, Can Finally Wear Flats

Barbie can wear flats now, at the tender age of 56.

For decades, Mattel manufactured its popular dolls with feet that defied human physics, but now Barbie has ankles that are adjustable ;), which means flats are feasible. Our girl can finally swap those fugly Going Out heels for more comfortable footwear.


Say hello to sandals, sneaker wedges and Mary Janes, Barb. Us Weekly reports:

Barbie will now be available with the option to wear flats in Mattel’s new Fashionista line. It’s the first time in Barbie’s 56-year history where she will have a flat option when it comes to footwear...

Footwear isn’t the only thing that’s expanding in the Barbie line. The Fashionista line will also include, 23 dolls that feature 14 different facial sculpts, eight skin tones, 18 eye colors, 22 hairstyles, and 23 hair colors and fashions reflecting authentic street style!


This means Slobcore Barbie is just around the corner.

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I used to chew the shoes.

Oh who am I trying to impress, I still would given half the chance.